Housemade 2.0

Housemade 2.0

Housemade 2.0 is said to be the NEXT RESTAURANT TREND to stay.

Everything's made in the house with roof top farms, aquaponics inside the restaurants, foods as freshly as you can get... This is so hopeful for future food businesses!



Restaurants start  using aquaponic farming systems to raise fish and vegetables in concert for fine, fresh dining! Combining architecture with agriculture, the new development ‘Moyo’ by South African Firm Tsai Design Studio features a two storey restaurant and open air market. Located at the V&A Waterfront on Cape Town’s historic working harbor, the site is a major tourist destination with over 23 million visitors per year. (source: city | photos:tsai Design Studio)


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IKEA and Space10 are teaming up to explore the future of food. Food supply issues are one of the major threats facing the world, and since IKEA is the seventh largest restaurant chain in the world, they are well-positioned to help drive change. Last year saw the introduction of IKEA's vegan meatball, now Space10 introduces "The Farm," an IKEA-hacked hydroponic garden that proves food can be grown right inside the restaurant in which it is served. (source: 


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Farms as RIVER PARK FARM will advance their farming on roof tops! A farm in the middle of tall skyscrapers supplying fresh produce to restaurants of New York City. You should start believing and start to enjoy fresh produce everywhere you are.


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The verdant gardens and parkland of Dempsey Hill in Singapore provide the idyllic setting for new restaurant Open Farm Community (OFC). Taking its cues from the global locavore dining ethic, and conceived in a serendipitous collaboration between the entrepreneurial lifestyle Spa Esprit Group, celebrated chef Ryan Clift, and local urban farming outfit Edible Garden City, OFC has pushed the envelope with its large scale adoption of  local sourcing, working harder and going further to get produce directly from their own on-site vegetable and herb gardens, or local Singaporean and regional growers, to give diners the freshest possible experience. (source: