Mini Galaktompoureko

Mini Galaktompoureko


450 gr fyllo 

1 ltr fresh milk

4 eggs

50 gr semolina, thin

50 gr semolina, curse

seeds from 2 vanilla sticks

15 gr corn starch

100 gr sugar

3 tsp butter

For the sirup:

700 gr sugar

400 gr water 

1 tsp glucoze


We boil all the ingredients for making the sirup all together in a pot (duration of boiling time 4’-5).

We remove the pot from the temperature and we leave the mixture to cool down. 

In another pot, we cook with medium fire the rest of the ingredients (not the eggs) and we add the butter.

We stir continuously with an egg beater, using circular movements to the center of the pot, till all ingredients are homogenized and the cream becomes thick. 

We remove from the fire and we cover with membrane, so the cream doesn’t formulate a crust on top of it. 

We divide the yolks from the whites. 

In a bowl we beat the egg whites using a mixer till they become a thick marengue. 

In another bowl we beat the yolks and we pour into the meringue. 

We stir carefully with tender movements so meringue doesn’t become deflated.

At this stage we want the eggs to be incorporated. When our mixture has the right composition, we empty into a pot, stiring carefully. 

We cut two pieces of fyllo into sheets. We butter them and we put 2 teaspoons of cream. We wrap them into small rolls. 

We butter a baking pan and we place our mini galaktompoureko into the pan. 

We bake at 180 °C for 45 minutes.

When the dessert is baked and while it is still hot, we use a tablespoon to pour the chilled sirup onto the fyllo sheets.

It is important our sheet to be glazed well. We leave the dessert to cool down and absorb all sirup liquids. (be carefull we do not cover it)