Professional Programs of Culinary and Pastry Arts form the backbone of our standard education, using demanding and interactive methodology by world-class experienced chefs.

The basic goal of each program is to provide accelerated knowledge, adequate and flexible supply of skills so as to ease inflationary pressures in the culinary market. The Culinary profession is a direction, with tremendous dynamics and high demand, both in Greece and abroad.

Two Innovative & Dynamic Educational Programs to help professionals stay on top of their skills and their proficiency development (provided in the Greek language).


  • At each level you complete, you are able to claim- after successful exams- the adequate certification.
  • Get recognition with Quality Training Label
  • Experience immediate, excellent results, deep conceptual understanding and mastery of different fields of the culinary and pastry arts
  • Direct Professional Certification recognized by the Chefs Club of Greece and the National Accreditation System
  • School recognized by WACS (World Association of Chefs Societies)
  • Practical Workshops by 80%
  • Little teacher ratio 10: 1
  • Continuing adult vocational training

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