Recognizing the need for certifying the wider knowledge, Acta and Aristoteleion University Spin-Off (ACTA) have worked together to develop a unique HORECA (hotel, restaurant, catering) certification for all those who either had the culinary knowledge without being certified on or for the ones who followed an educational program and would like to further certify their knowledge.

The aim of the certifications is the professional support and development of the specialty of Cook / Confectioner through qualitative and objective terms. The Culinary Center provides a Certificate of Attendance for Short-term Educational Programs and a Vocational Training Certificate for the Culinary Arts Program and the Pastry Arts Program. 

Certifications are bilingual (Greek - English) and are valid both in Greece and abroad. Depending on the country you wish to work, you may translate the certification to the Foreign Office / Translation Department.

After successful examinations, participants are certified as Commis Chef or Commis Pastry Chef or Cook/Pastry Chef adequately. These qualifications are recognized by the labor market in the private sector, both in the hotel, catering, catering, and sub-units.

This certification provides the holder with:

  • Valid evidence of the knowledge he possesses to practice his profession
  • Improving the level of service provided
  • Provides more working opportunities to the holder

Each certification concerns the degree of experience in which every participant will be tested. It is compulsory to attend one of our training programs, however, these (intensive, advanced) cover the cognitive & technical part of the cooking/pastry art needed in order to give exams.