Short Term Professional Programs

Short Term Professional Programs

The Culinary Center offers short-term professional programs focused on vocational education, as part of the lifelong adult education.  The goal of lifelong learning is to keep on learning and advancing your knowledge while certifying your skills. Short-term programs are addressed to career switchers, entrepreneurs and practicing cooks seeking development, excellence, and certification in Culinary and Pastry Arts.

Each program has been designed to meet different needs and criteria and teach the most in-demand skills that students, who are in need of vocational training, can choose among classical and contemporary preparations.

Innovative, short-term programs to help professionals stay on top of their skills and their proficiency development.

The Professional Programs are a series of fast-track cooking/pastry courses based on those fields of restaurant business that excel and are of high demand in personnel. The basic goal of these programs is to provide accelerated knowledge by the outstanding faculty!

Our short-term programs (1 - 3 months) are divided into 3 different levels of practical cooking (foundation, intensive, advanced).