Culinary Center & Culinary Club

Culinary Center & Culinary Club

We are a highly renowned and accredited culinary vocational school addressed mainly to professionals and serious gastronomists.

The Culinary Center & Cookery Club offers courses on the cutting edge and short-term professional programs. Education is intensive and practical, designed to help students learn the skills needed for every level  of employment,  as well as to develop the habits of lifelong learning needed in today’s ever-changing  world.

The goal is to provide each student with hands-on, technique driven, culinary and pastry skills required for a career in a fine-dining establishment.

We offer high quality, fast-paced training for aspiring chefs and culinary explorers, that's why it addresses to beginners and serious gastronomists, career switchers, entrepreneurs and practicing cooks, seeking excellence and development in Culinary and Pastry Arts.

The disciplined and professional learning environment, low student-teacher ratio and focus on sustainability make our school unique.

The Culinary Center & Cookery Club believes that quality education can lead to a successful and rewarding future. The approach of our Chefs is demanding and qualitative, so to create professional cooks and pastry chefs within a short period of time.

We operate as a ‘Vocational Centre’ of lifelong education, licensed by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) of the Greek Ministry of Education (Government Gazette 2677-Β/9-11-2011 and License No. 2100469).

We believe that success comes through outstanding instruction, personal attention, and commitment to excellence that our Chefs demonstrate to each one of you!