Short Courses | Tailor Made Courses | Masterclasses

Short Courses | Tailor Made Courses | Masterclasses

To keep up to date personally and professionally, it is important to keep on learning, updating your knowledge and advancing in new skills. Our school provides every month a wide range of various short courses, specialized tailored made courses, and master classes.

Short courses refer to hands-on training, recreational classes for those sharing a serious passion for cooking and pastry creations.  Our expert team of chefs designs every month new specialty courses focusing on different themes of gastronomy based on Greek & Mediterranean Cuisine, seasonality and cooking techniques. A qualified Chef will guide you step by step, but the joy of creation is all yours to taste! During the cooking class, the Chef explains the procedures for every recipe, while presenting the way of cooking. Learn new skills every month!

  • Learn the essential skills for delicious cooking
  • Cooperate with other people in the preparation of the dishes
  • Enjoy a rich learning experience
  • Taste your creations along with everyone else
  • Be creative

Master classes are bespoke courses for professionals delivering the most in demand, creative skills that uplevel your professional development. The goal is to expand your knowledge, accelerate your career development through mastering your capabilities. Trainers are awarded Greek & Foreign Chefs and Pastry Chefs with real-world expertise.

  • Innovative techniques
  • Advanced training
  • Excellent Skills

Tailored Made Courses are designed on the particular needs of the market for professionals who wish to further advance their knowledge on their field.  The experience is unique, as you will enjoy the passion of creation with the rest of the team members. We are happy to custom made your own program based on your specific needs.