The need of every business to be recognized, stand out and get awarded is one of its most important parts! It rewards their effort and gives them the motivation to continue trying hard.

Travel & Hospitality London 2018: The Travel & Hospitality Awards in London honored our effort to promote education for Greek gastronomy abroad!

Tourism Awards Athens 2015: All leading practices by private companies in Greek Tourism were awarded during the 2015 Tourism Awards. The ceremony was hosted by “Hotel & Restaurant” Boussias Communications, under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and the GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organisation), aiming to promote excellence and innovation.

Makro Stard Greece 2014: Makro Cash and Carry Greece awarded our school for their social responsibility programs in 2014 for offering special process to unemployed people and special grants for people wishing to change their professional orientation in severe times of crisis.

Gourmet Awards 2008: The book “Traditional Tastes of the Aegean” written by our co-owner Lila Karapostoli was awarded as “Best Book of the year”.