What is the Gift Card?
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What is the Gift Card?

Gift Card
The best idea for a gift of cooking experience which will certainly make the difference is a Gift Card for Cooking Lessons in our especially designed kitchen. Offer this unique experience to your loved ones or, even better, come together and spend in delicious, skilful and educational cooking evenings. Learn how to properly hold a knife, how to stand in the kitchen, how to flavour a Greek dish or share the experience of tasting wine, chocolate, cheese or charcuterie and enjoy a creative day.
Just choose the class you prefer, book the dates, check availability and code and offer ‘Cooking Lessons’ as a present. Be informed of the scheduled classes and the respective prices.
  • The Gift Card is available directly at our place. If you want us to send it as a gift, please note that you will be charged with the mailing cost.
  • The coupon is only valid for Cooking Lessons and Tastings.
  • The Gift Card cannot be exchanged with cash.
  • A Gift Card is valid only after the bank deposit and the sending of a copy of the transaction. Upon payment, please contact us to check availability and book a seat in the cooking class you wish to attend.
  • The Cooking Lessons are not responsible for loss, theft, damage or unauthorised use of the Gift Card.
  • Gift coupons cannot be redeemed after six months.
  • Gift coupons without a code number are not valid.