Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions which have been made regarding our courses.


What kind of services do you provide?

“The Cookery Club” is a gastronomical place where activities promote all the knowledge of the Greek Gastronomy in a social, cultural and educational environment! Everyone here is a member of a greater team. We specialize in cooking/pastry, lessons but we are mastering on Greek Cooking Classes. Our Club is designed in a modern space with urban casual chic style that spans 160 square meters and offers the possibility to accommodate 50 seated or 80 standing guests. 

A great variety of foods, desserts, techniques, information and tips are presented in our lessons. We follow the hands on procedure where everyone has a job to execute with the Chef’s help.

Cooking can be also a fun day for team building where all colleagues cooperate for an excellent result. All these secrets of Greek cuisine will be taught with the help of our Chef! Participants will create a delicious menu, which in the end everyone will enjoy around the Chef's table and discuss the value of the Greek Cuisine.

Furthermore, we offer special days of Greek events/Gatherings/Chef’s Table where people not only gather all together to taste our Greek Menu, but also to experience it ‘in the Greek way’! Producers from all around Greece travel to the Cookery Club in order to present their products to all food lovers and offer their passion in unique tastings!

In conclusion, the Cookery Club is a certified centre by ACTA and we are organizing certification exams in Greek for students who have some knowledge or who had participated in our professional programes and they want to certify their knowledges.  A place apropriate for cooking classes, cooking demonstrations, team building, wine tastings, private events and a lot more! 


What you should know about our cooking course offers?

  • Every offer is only valid for a specific time period.
  • There may be changes in prices.
  • The participation depends on availability. Book the offer of your choice on time!
  • Offers are valid until the stated date.
  • You can buy the same offer as many times as you want.
  • Cooking Lessons maintain the right to cancel the offer at any moment.
  • An offer cannot be combined with any other.
  • If you have bought some offer by a deals website, the price is only valid for this specific offer.

How to cancel a reservation for a cooking class?

In case you need to cancel your class, you should call us at least 3 days before its scheduled date. We are sorry, but we cannot refund your money, only to reschedule your class.

Where can I send my opinion on the classes?

It would be a pleasure for us to read your opinion on Cooking Lessons. Please send us your views via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can I buy the cooking gift cards?

In order to purchase the gift card for a friend, you can visit us and get the special gift case you will offer it in!

  • They are valid for six months from the date of purchase.
  • They can be used for the reservation of only one class at www.mathimatamageirikis.com
  • Their value in non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • They are available at our area.

How long before the scheduled date can I book a class?

You can usually make the reservation up to a month before. You can also find the current classes on our reservation webpage and book a seat on time. Just remember that the seats are only booked depending on reservation and availability. 

Is it possible to book the entire class for a group?

Yes, it is possible to make online reservations for a group and book the entire class.

What should I bring with me?

The only thing you have to bring along is the printed confirmation of your reservation. Apart from that, only your physical presence is necessary. Please try to limit the volume of your personal stuff, as there is limited space in the area and we cannot take any responsibility for the security of your personal property. On the day of the class, it is necessary to bring along the receipt of the bank deposit, the gift card, the discount coupon, the payment receipt or the unemployment card.

What should I wear?

We provide a disposable apron for the protection of your clothes and we recommend comfortable clothing and closed shoes. Gloves are also available, in case you prefer to use them.

Can I bring my children with me?

Children must be at least 10 years old and able to work on a kitchen surface of regular height (900mm). The only exception is the ‘Cuts’ class, where children must be at least 16 years old and able to work on a kitchen surface of regular height (900mm). Please ensure that each child is accompanied by an adult. In order to take part in a standard class, children must be at least 16 years old. In case the child participates, a regular reservation is required in the special classes for children. Otherwise, ensure a pleasant stay for them within the area!

How often do the classes change?

Our classes change on a monthly and seasonal basis. Each one of them is usually scheduled on a different day every week. If you cannot attend it on a specific day of the week, you don’t have to worry, because it will be available on a different day within the following weeks.

Who are the classes for?

Our classes are for everyone, beginners or not and there is a great variety of cooking knowledge to share. We will periodically announce special series for advanced and specialised students.

How can the payment be done?

All our courses are paid in advance and the payment is received during the online registration process. You can also pay via web banking and make the deposit in our of our bank accounts. Alternatively, you can pre-book a class at our place. Get all the information in detail.

Can I change the date of my class after I make the reservation?

If you want to change any details of your class, you must first cancel the reservation and then book the new class. It is necessary to follow the cancellation procedure as described above.

Does the menu in Chef’s Table change?

Our menu changes every week, so that we can offer you the best possible meals of the season with ingredients available at that time of the year. However, we are sure that there will be certain favourite dishes which will remain in the menu for you to enjoy.

What is the size of portions in Chef's Table?

The meals come in uniform sizes and each portion is rich. However, not all meals are available in every size. Check out our menu for more details.

Are the Cooking classes and Chef’s Table suitable for people with allergies or other health problems?

We always try to offer the best possible menu, so that everyone can enjoy it. Please check all the meals and the information concerning their ingredients, in order to see if they are appropriate for you. Note that those ingredients may have been processed on equipment used at the same time for wheat, dairy products, eggs, nuts, fish, soy, shellfish and other allergens. Please call us if you need help regarding food allergies you may suffer from, if you take special medication or if your doctor has ruled out certain foods. Note also that you should inform us in case your nutrition includes foods which cannot be combined with specific substances.

How valid are the Programs and Certifications?

The training programmes are considered to be Vocational Training. The materialisation, reliability and technical knowledge are based on the technical level of the responsible Chefs and the training validity of each program in practicing culinary arts. Their completion leads to a certificate of attendance and bears only the signature of the Head of Gastronomy. For more information on our programs, click here.

Certification is independent from the training programmes and it is awarded after your participation in specific tests organised by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as Specialized Training (in accordance to the training subject). The ACTA operators are responsible for the choice of exams subjects, supervision and correction of the papers as they signed them before sealed by the Aristotle University. For more information on certification exams click here.

What are your opening hours?

Find our opening hours.

Are you open during holidays?

Usually, no. However, there may be some exceptions, announced on time in our website and Facebook page. If you have other questions...In case our FAQ department couldn’t answer your specific question, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be happy to help you!

Do you have a sanitation & hygiene policy to follow?

Our company uses daily fresh products from the market, that’s why we DO NOT keep a warehouse stock. Just before every class, all supplies are delivered to the school for the purposes of the specific class. Read our sanitation & hygiene policy here.

Do you have a student policy to follow?

Most of our customers find their time at The Culinary Center of Athens extremely enjoyable and fulfilling. However, when there are problems, this is how they are dealt with.
It is our policy to respond to any complaints as quickly as possible and to make working conditions fair for staff and students alike. Read our complaints & grievances policy here.