Are there special prices for the unemployed?
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Are there special prices for the unemployed?

It’s better when someone thinks of you!
As part of its social responsibility, ‘Cooking Classes’ are actively involved in the effort of the Employment Agency to support the unemployed, offering special prices to the holders of the Unemployment Card.
How does Unemployment Card work?
Just by showing their card, the people interested will enjoy a 50% discount in training on specific dates and hours, which will be posted on our website and Facebook page, as well as a further 3% in cooking products and utensils. Book the class or the programme of your choice, let us know and just before the beginning of the class, show the card to the secretariat.
Are all classes and activities available for holders of the Unemployment Card?
Some of our classes are not available to those who have the Unemployment Card. The main reason is that we try to offer as much variation as possible, some of the classes of the basics, advanced και mastering categories cost more because of the materials used. This makes pricing with an unemployment card difficult. We would really like you to understand that we always work thinking of your best interest.
There are lessons I would like to attend using the unemployment card, but they haven’t been announced. What can I do?
We will gladly discuss your suggestions for new courses regarding the unemployment card as well as services you would like us to offer you.
What else should I know?
This offer cannot be combined with any other.