What are the Enthusiast Courses?
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What are the Enthusiast Courses?


In quest for excellence and sharing our passion for fine cooking, our cooking courses for the serious enthusiasts will surely elevate your home cooking! 

Our expertised team of Chefs and F&B managers design every month short term specialty courses focusing on different themes based on Greek Cuisine, seasonality and cooking techniques. That's why these single session cookery classes are ideal for food enthusiasts, as well as for professionals.

Our Cooking Courses are totally hands on, that means that can only happen with your participation! You wear your own apron, use the cooking equipment and the raw materials to practice and transform a recipe into a masterpiece.  A qualified Chef will guide you step by step, but the joy of creation is all yours to taste!!! All courses use the same methodology as the professional culinary academies, in a friendly atmosphere and with great recipes. Each month we have a different program of cooking classes based on seasonality. 

During the cooking class, our Chef will explain the procedures for every recipe, while presenting the way of cooking. We will try to answer all of your questions, share our secrets and offer alternatives to make your recipes more delicious and easy and finally create the wonderful feeling of love for cooking!

In our cooking school, you can:

    • Learn the essential skills for delicious, homemade cooking
    • Cooperate with other people in the preparation of the dishes
    • Enjoy a rich learning experience
    • Taste your creations along with everyone else
    • Have fun in Greece
    • Be creative with cooking

The experience is unique, as you will enjoy the passion of creation with the rest of the team members. 3 unique hours you will never forget!

Especially for tourists (please visit the page for Greek Cooking Classes), learn how to cook in the "Greek" way through a unique range of cooking courses, while visiting Greece and we promise that you will have the best cooking holidays ever!

Live the experience of an authentic cooking class!