What are the Tastings?
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What are the tastings?

If you are a fan of good food and drinks, a professional connoisseur, these courses are the best choise for you to enrich your knowledge!

Addressed to people who want to learn more secrets and techniques in order to appreciate flavours and fragrances, but also to get introduced to the magical world of tasting and pairing.

In each one of our sessions, the expert trainer will teach you from scratch all the ways to smell, see, taste, feel aromas and flavours! You will be trained into recognizing fragrances of dozens of popular food items, fruit, aromatic herbs and spices, even with your eyes closed... You will taste selected wines, different varieties of olive, international and domestic varieties of cheese and chocolate, before you decide what pleases your palate the most! The whole experience will offer you the knowledge to be able to enjoy taste using all your senses and enhance your passion for every good taste!

Each tasting session lasts for three hours and it is delivered by food and drink experts.