Team Building
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Team Building

Team cooking offers the best way to strengthen relationships among their members!

Why? Everyone gets involved and enjoys the amazing dinner of teamwork. Our working groups bring people working in companies together, in order to encourage team bonding, foster companionship, improve communication, interaction and cooperation, as well as to create a moral professional environment with many sudden bursts of laughter and joy.
At the top of hierarchy, there is always a Chef, responsible to assign different tasks based on the specific abilities of the team members he or she has chosen. Their objective is to offer the client a balanced, delicious, healthy and very creative result. Important factors to be considered in this, are the cost of the dishes, the accuracy of the recipe and the focus during cooking time. Company groups can learn all these professional virtues in the most enjoyable way! A totally interactive cooking event in a stylish and fully equipped kitchen, that only positive feelings can cause.
• People of different ages, genders and working levels learn to cooperate
• There are no ‘losers’! We are all winners of the result we created working together
• No previous knowledge is required. Everything is taught on the kitchen working counter
• There is an instant reward, deliciousness enjoyed by everyone!
• The preparation of good food becomes the centre and each member of the team, it shares the responsibility and enjoys its contribution. What is better in a project than to create, bake and garnish bread, sweets and tarts?
Create your own cooking team building itinary for:
Company programmes, Networking parties, Client rewards, Celebrations and Events, Motivation programmes and other Office parties (i.e. New Year parties).
Each class teaches a different professional virtue! Classes are held in our place (Aghios Dimitrios), in a fully equipped kitchen and include use of utensils, clothing and raw materials per person and teach proceduder by an experienced Chef/ Sous Chef. We provide cooking team building for small groups 9-12 people or Larger for 15-50 people with exclusive participation (hands on), in English language. For any other language, there is the possibility of a translator.
Some of the procedures we follow within the cooking class that can advance your skills are:
• Skills: Knife use, cuts
• Discipline: Fresh pasta – ways of making dough, pasta types, cutting in patterns
• Precision: Risotto-Rice variety, proper procedure, delicious cooking ways
• Technique: 3 Ways with Chicken: Filleting, Cooking Techniques, 3 recipes
• Technique: 3 Ways with Pork: Filleting, Cooking Techniques, 3 recipes
• Creativity: Quick and Easy Desserts: Combining favourite materials and creating Creams, Mousse, Truffle
• Self-confidence: Formal Dinner (appetizer-main-dessert)
• Self-esteem: Cup Cakes
• Knowledge: Cooking Principles for Fish, 3 recipes
• Motivation: Transforming simple ingredients into special recipes
• Concentration: Making Bread
• Teamwork: Menu Creation and Execution
If you wish to create your own company programme, please contact us!