What are the ‘Chef’s Table Evenings’?
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What are the Chef's Table Evenings?

The Cookery Club is all about feeling part of a greater community. We all share the love for gastronomy, cooking, good food and friendly people around us! 
Our Chefs will elevate your dining experience by creating a personalized, one-of-a-kind culinary atmosphereand entertaining experience for very small groups.
A Chef creates exquisite dishes in a menu offered in specific dates and with limited availability. The whole procedure is totally gourmet and a little bit mystical! A secret pleasure that we prefer to keep to ourselves…
Each time we create a new menu based on the feedback that you have given us. Upon arrival, you will immediately enjoy small appetizers, as you watch live the final preparation of your meal in the most fresh, homemade and sophisticated way! During dinner, the Chef will explain to you the preparation procedure and techniques, while you socialize with the other participants! 
The 'Chef’s Table' Evenings is an experience you will enjoy with friend, or other people who are passionate with food! Perfect choice for working teams, friends or gastronomy lovers who want to meet new people and who are willing to taste Greek Cuisine!A unique service, an alternative to a regular class, as well as that of a restaurant meal that will make your evenings richer, more interesting, happier, full of flavours and aromas, beautiful people and wonderful cooking ideas!
You enjoy an evening with our Chef in an excellent demonstration session, share cooking knowledge, get to know friends of gastronomy and taste the menu you have previously created all together!
Reservations are necessary, as the avalaibility is limited!