Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Cookery Club's main goal is, by means of various benefit actions and programs, to create the opportunities for all people interested, to be able to explore, experience and enhance the understanding of every facet of the field of gastronomy, in a creative and educational manner. 
We, the people, at the Cookery Club- through the educative programs- offer cooking and pastry classes with 50% discount on list prices, as unemployment benefit. Either for educative or creative reasons, cooking classes are now affordable!  Among others, we provide grants/scholarships to individuals of low income that present good cooking skills and potential outstanding performance. 
The Cookery Club offers support and works with various social welfare organizations, institutions and charity programs.   We create equal opportunities to people, who love cooking to experience the art of cooking and gastronomy, free of any social or health barrier. Additionally, we provide our space for charity events and we also offer various possibilities to organizations that need our support.
On this effort, we contribute in the best way we can, to the following Greek organizations:
  • Food for Good
  • Make-a-Wish
  • Laboratory of Special Vocational Education and Training Ag.Dimitrios


Scholarships are granted to the participants who present strong skills and passion on their field, but don't have the means to continue their education. CHEFS evaluate all participants for the seriousness and intention to prove their field of study and report to management who is qualified to be granted the scholarship.Our scholarship program provides grants up to €5.000 per year for students in our school, as career opportunities to start working.

Our company beyond the benefits and special offers given directly through our programs, makes a remarkable effort to contribute to sociaty, and to offer help and support, as much as possible, to people in need.