About us
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We are a highly renowned and accredited cookery school addressed mainly to professionals and serious enthusiasts.

The Culinary Center of Athens offers short term professional programs focused on vocational education. Our professional programs are intensive and  practical in comparison to the classical culinary education.We offer high quality, fast paced, intensive training for aspiring chefs and culinary explorers, that's why they are addressed to beginners, career switchers, entrepreneurs and practicing cooks seeking excellence and development in Culinary and Pastry Arts. The goal of our programs are to provide each student with hands-ontechnique driven, culinary and pastry skills required for a career in a fine-dining establishment. The disciplined and professional learning environment, availability of global externships, low student-teacher ratio and focus on sustainability make The Culinary Center unique. The approach of our Chefs is demanding and qualitative, so to create professional cooks and pastry chefs within a very short period of time.Our short term programs (1 - 3 months) are divided into 3 different levels of practical cooking (foundation, intensive, advanced). We operate as a ‘Vocational Centre’ of lifelong education, licensed by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) of the Greek Ministry of Education (Government Gazette 2677-Β/9-11-2011 and License No. 2100469). We believe that success comes through outstanding instruction, personal attention and commitment to excellence that our Chefs demonstrate to each one of you! Our highly educated Chefs will provide the best of training and methodology through hands on practice in small teams of maximum 10 people. The main objective of these programs is to master the fundamentals of Cookery/Pastry art through extensive training.


A short cooking 5-course, offering all the cooking fundamentals, basic skills to excel in the kitchen, inspirational recipes and the refined know how to cook with confidence. The cooking courses are ‘hands on’. This program is designed mostly for amateurs who wish to explore cooking in a technical way or Food Business Professionals to want to learn more.

An intensive culinary 8-program, offering you the necessary skills to excel in the kitchen. All the cooking courses are ‘hands on’. The objective is to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in culinary arts, presentation and terminology.

An advanced mastering 12-course program with very small pupil to teacher ratio. Each course offers all the skills to excel in the kitchen, in order for all participants to optimize their cooking career. The program is designed for those with professional ambitions in the culinary art field. Ideal for those who wish to explore cooking or pastry before taking the big decision, for confident cooks who wish to refresh or gain advanced skills, for students who wish to practice their cooking knowledge and for career changers who need to master their techniques. Generally for those who wish to follow a career in the food industry

The Culinary Center of Athens and Aristoteleion University Spin Off (ACTA) have worked together to develop a unique certification for all those who either had the culinary knowledge without being certified on for the ones who followed the advanced programs of culinary or pastry art and would like to certify their knowledge. After successful competition and examinations, participants can be certified as Commis Chef or Commis Pastry Chef.

More Information about programs: https://www.mathimatamageirikis.gr/en/upon-request/professional-cooking-programs/cooking-advanced-program

Among the range of our high standard services, we offer vocational professional programs with individualized guidance and one day cooking classes for serious enthusiasts. It’s been named also Cookery Club because we promote devotion and loyalty among all culinary members who follow our programs and courses. The Cookery Club operates with main purpose to provide high educational standards and offer personal Chef attention to each participant, professional or amateur. That’s why we provide courses in small teams only. All courses are addressed to those who present high appreciation for cooking, baking or pastry and passion for food.

Our cookery courses for enthusiasts prepare participants to showcase excellence in their way of cooking. The Cookery Club offers the courses in one day classes that change every month, based on seasons and Greek feasts. Especially for tourists visiting Greece, we have created inspirational cooking classes of Greek Cuisine, fun, informal and totally hands on to get the maximum of what is like cooking like a Greek. We provide the “feeling” of a club with loyal friends.  The approach of our chefs is totally thoughtful, friendly and warm. The experience of cooking your own lunch with the best of the ingredients is the very essence of true gastronomy!

We base our reputation on well run procedures, a highly designed CRM system, good work, state of the art space and great service.

Our Mission?

  • To be the leader in quality, intensive culinary education to amateurs
  • To provide intensive hands-on training to professionals
  • To retain the low student / teacher radio
  • To teach the maximum of knowledge in the minimum amount of time
  • To constantly educate our experienced chef-instructors
  • To help each student to reach his/her full professional potential
  • To help Greek students work immediatly
  • To make top-notch culinary education available at affordable prices

Our Goal

  • Offer student centered education and an excellent classroom experience
  • Maintain a fair and ethical working enviroment
  • Provide continuous care for all students who follow or have completed their programs
  • Provide all possible opportunities for immediate vocational rehabilitation

Why us?

  • Highly Educated Chefs, accredited as instructors
  • State of the art facilities
  • Engaging and rigorous classes
  • Developing strong cooking skills and competencies
  • Hands on interaction and collaboration
  • Strong team building